Table of Contents:
How to Manage Your Website Project
A non-technical guide for building better websites


Introduction Page 1

1. Website Projects are Different Page 3
Going Online is Different
Company Websites Reflect These Differences
Website Projects Reflect These Differences

2. Planning Your Project Page 8
Website Research Questions
Business Process Changes Offer Opportunities

3. Project Analysis: Will it Work? Page 15
Business Evaluation: Why do the project?
Project Budget: How much will it cost?
Sensitivity Analysis: Does it make sense?
Risk Analysis: What happens if...?

4. Starting the Project: Choices & Decisions Page 26
Select the Project Team
Set the Project Schedule
Prepare the Website Specifications
Choose the Developer
Build the Spending Plan
Manage the Project
Control Your Spending
Danger Signs

5. Design and Construction Page 64
Organize Information for Your Visitors
Business Processes Change Organizations
Content Creation is Hard
Graphic Design for Attractive Websites
Page Layouts to Find Content Easily
Produce a Working Prototype

6. Testing: Make Sure it Works Page 79
Ongoing Testing During Development
Designing the Testing Program
Conducting the Testing

7. Implementation: Getting Ready Page 88
Training and Documentation
Security, Protect your Data
Hosting Your Website
Prelaunch Check: Almost Ready

8. Completion: Launch the Website! Page 99
The Launch Party
A Marketing Plan to Promote Your Website
Maintenance: A Website is Never Finished
Closing the Project

Appendix 1: Website Specifications Outline Page 104
Appendix 2: Hosting Company Checklist Page 113
Appendix 3: Writing for the Web Page 114
Index 118
About the Author 121
Copyright and Fine Print 122


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