Privacy Policy

We respect online privacy as a series issue, and we strive to protect your privacy while making this website usable.

Web Server Information

We use Google Analytics to collect information about visitors to the site such as your IP address as seen by us and the type of device you are using. No cookies are set by the site other than any that may be set by the service provider as part of making a purchase. We do not monitor nor make any use of any cookies set by others.

Purchase Information

If you purchase one of the ebooks on this site, we receive and record your email address. Your email program or service provider may also provide your name with your email address. If so this will also be recorded. We do not share any email lists with any other companies, organizations or partners.

If you make a purchase using a credit card, we do not receive nor record ANY of your credit card information. This is all held by the payment processing service provider. We do not require nor do we want this information.


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