Services for Online Business

With international experience in business operations and finance, Charles focuses on improving online business performance. He has helped retailers, service companies and manufacturers to craft an online strategy, design digital marketing campaigns, use social media, and build effective websites. He emphasizes teaching clients key skills so they can continue to make improvements themselves on an ongoing basis.

Online Business Review

Charles conducts an online business review to give your organization a comprehensive roadmap for improving both your online and associated offline performance. He tailors each review for your specific needs, providing a report with detailed recommendations you can undertake yourself as time and resources permit. Representative reviews include:

  • Developing online business strategies for an application developer entering new markets and a medical software retailer facing increased competition
  • Devising a new online membership strategy for a pan-European electronics association

Digital Marketing Programs

Charles helps you design an effective digital marketing program you can run yourself using online technologies such as social media and search engine marketing. Successful programs he has designed include:

  • Develop an online marketing program for a logistics and moving company, and implement the program across nine division websites
  • Build a new marketing program and website for the European Seal of e-Excellence

Website Improvement Review

Many companies already have a website, know it does not work well, but are unsure how to proceed to fix it. A website review by Charles will provide a thorough analysis of your current website performance and a list of specific recommendations for improvement you can undertake yourself. Past reviews have been done for:

  • Report and recommendations for the current website and accompanying business processes of a European professional accounting organization
  • Website review and marketing strategy for six member companies of a performance bond guarantee network.

Presentations, Workshops and Seminars

Charles offers custom presentations, workshops and seminars to address specific business issues. Formats can vary depending on the audience, subject and desired delivery method. Recent conference presentations include:

  • Multiple presentations on e-business topics at The Internet Show (Melbourne)
  • Moderated all-day sessions on e-commerce at the Online Retailer (Sydney) and Retail World (Melbourne) conferences
  • Workshop on adding social media to your business for the Victorian Small Business Month

Project Advisory and Management

Organizing and running an online project can be a daunting task, especially for those without the necessary skills in-house. Charles can help your project reach a successful conclusion by serving as an external advisor to provide critical skills and information such as:

  • Helping the internal project manager rebuild the website for a national chamber of commerce
  • Leading the website design and specification process for an international public relations firm

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