Give a Great Presentation

Presentation Skills are Critical Today

Good communication is a critical job skill today, whether it is a startup pitching for funding or a large corporation announcing a new product. Because presentation software is everywhere and digital prjectors are inexpensive, everyone is expected to be able to give a presentation to colleagues, clients, clubs and conventions. Still we see too many unfocused, poorly delivered presentations today.

Pitching is a critical skill for small, new companies, but most startup entrepreneurs are not good communicators. I run a workshop for startup companies to help them give an effective, persuasive pitch, a five-minute introduction to their company and its offering. This has evolved into a more general seminar about good presentation skills for everyone.

I recently gave this seminar to the Australian Society of Entrepreneurs and at iMug, the local Macintosh user group in Melbourne. Here is the handout from the seminar. I hope you find it useful.

Give a Great Presentation



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