Getting Started Online

Starting an Online Business is a Challenge

For many businesses getting started online is a challenge because this is a new competitive environment and the rules are different from traditional retail. Online retailers quickly learn:

  • Customers behave differently. They want things just the way they like, but they are willing to engage in a conversation.
  • Businesses constantly evolve. The online world is in a constant state of flux, so online businesses must be nimble and change to meet market conditions.
  • Partnerships are common. It is easy to from alliances and partnerships online.
  • Technology keeps changing. Because technology underlies the onlie world, it is constantly changing as well.

For many businesses, figuring out how to get started with an online presence is not easy. Here is a set of articles to help you begin to develop your own strategy.

Going Online is Different. Why the online world is a big change for organizations.

Creating Customer Value Online. Creating solid value for your customers is the first step to a successful online business.

Improving Customer Conversion Rates. Even small improvements can have a big impact on the overall conversion rate.

Design Your Website to Support Your Business. This is not about a pretty website, it is about adding the right features and functions to support your business strategy.

Online Stores are Different. Online stores have major differences from their offline counterparts.

Building an Online Store. Steps to begin building an online store.

Social Media - Bigger is Not Always Better. The best social media sites are where your target audience hangs out

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