The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs

Australian Society of Entrepreneurs Logo The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs helps business owners and entrepreneurs develop business ideas, learn new skills, and network with like-minded people. The Society runs an active Meetup Group in Melbourne, Australia and has its own website.

I have given a number of presentations and seminars to The Society including:

Integrating Social Media into Your Business Model, October 2012

A successful marketing program is necessary for any business, large or small. Social media offers a unique set of tools to enable businesses to reach their target audiences quickly, easily and at a low cost.

Download the handout from the Integrating Social Media workshop for a simple plan to help you evaluate which social media sites are best for your business.

Give a Great Presentation, April 2012

Giving a presentation is an essential business skill today. Now that laptops, projectors and presentation software are common, everyone is expected to be able to stand in front of an audience and deliver a compelling message. But we still see too many boring, uninformative presentations...

Download the handout Give a Great Presentation to learn more about this vital business skill.

Marketing Your Business Online, Part 2, October 2011

Download the handout Marketing Your Business Online Part 2 to learn some simple things you can do to improve your own online marketing.

Marketing Your Business Online, Part 1, August 2011

Just having a great business idea is not enough to be successful, especially in today's fact-changing online world. You have to actively market your business, promoting it to people who will be likely to want to buy your offering and encouraging them to take action now.

Download the handout Marketing Your Business Online, Part One to learn more about how marketing is changing today.


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