Website Performance Checklist

This checklist is designed to give a brief overview of a website and indicate reasons why it may or may not be performing well in relation to an overall business strategy.

1. Clear Search Engine Listing

Using the URL for your website, find its listing in the search results for several search engines.

  • Is the listing clear and easy to understand by your visitors?
  • Is it easy to distinguish you from your competition?
  • Is a marketing message included to encourage visitors to click on your listing?
  • Is there a link to a map showing your location?
  • Is there a link to a listing in the search engine’s business directory?

2. Home Page Encourages Vistors

Look at your home page as a visitor first coming to your website.

  • Is the home page attractive, clear, and easy to read?
  • Is there a clear navigation scheme which visitors can use at once?
  • Is there relevant, interesting information which visitors can easily find?
  • Can visitors figure out what your site is about and what to do next?
  • Can visitors do all of these in 3 to 4 seconds?

3. Meta-Tags Describe Each Page

Examine the source code for your home page or other web page.

  • Are good title, description and keyword meta-tags present?
  • Are your principle keywords for this web page used in title and description meta-tags?
  • Is a marketing message included in the description meta-tag?
  • Are these meta-tags present on all pages in the website?

4. Clear Path for Vistors to Your Goal

There should be a clear goal you want visitors to your website to accomplish or reach.

  • Is the purpose of your website clear from the homepage?
  • Is there a clear path shown for visitors to take to reach your intended goal or action?
  • Do the navigation and content support this goal?

5. Content for Target Audience

  • Is the content on your website relevant and interesting for your target audiences?
  • Is the content organized, clear and easy to understand for them?
  • Does the content provide the information your visitors will need to make decisions and take actions?

6. High Quality Incoming Links to Website

Using a search engine or linking analysis tool, look at the incoming links to your website.

  • What are the numbers and types of websites linking to yours?
  • Are these relevant websites which people see as authoritative in their fields?
  • Are numerous links coming from link farms, website which are nothing but lists of links?

7. Clear Call to Action

  • Do you have a clear call to action at each step of your process?
  • Does the call to action tell visitors what to do next?
  • Do these calls to action support your overall goal?


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