Social Media - Bigger is Not Always Better

image of the article Social Media Biggeris Not Always Better

Today social media has to be a part of every business marketing plan. But there are so many different sites. How do you pick the best ones for your business?

Big sites may not be best

Everybody knows the big social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but they may not be right for you. First, there is a lot of competition on sites like these because the participant numbers are so big. Companies go there hoping that they can attract some portion of the audience, but how do you make your message stand out when the cost of entry is so low?

More importantly; are the people on a particular social media site in a proper frame of mind to even be receptive to your marketing message? People go to sites such as Facebook for activities like sharing photos and finding out what their friends are up to. Broadcasting a marketing message while people are occupied with their own personal and social agenda is like trying to advertise to everyone in a bar - most of it will be ignored.

Start with your target audience

To find the best social media sites for your business, start with your target audience, the people you want to reach. Where do they hang out online? Where are they discussing the topics for which you can make relevant and interesting contributions? No matter how specific your business sector, a social media site has likely sprung up to cover it. Search engines, business sector trade groups, and even asking your colleagues are all good ways to find these dedicated sites.

Look before you jump in

Once you have found your ideal ‘hang out’, take time to watch and listen. How do people interact? What are the social conventions they use? Once you understand the group, you can begin to participate and provide interesting, useful information. Over time you will gain the credibility and trust that make social media such a powerful tool.

This article was originally published in the October 2012 issue of 3000 Melbourne Magazine.

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