About Charles E. Crouch

photograph of Charles Crouch in a tuxedo with a red rose in the lapel

Many days I seem to live an online life, whether working virtually around the world with clients or showing how organizations can improve their digital performance in a seminar. But wherever I am, I tell people that when you go online you quickly learn the rules are different. To be successful, you must understand these new rules and how to embrace them into your own online activitiy.

While I enjoy teaching courses in e-business for the Boston University International Graduate Program, I am not an academic, having a background in business operations and project management. My big introduction to the online world was working at Apple as a business manager when the World Wide Web and the early days of e-commerce were beginning. Later I worked as a project director for Johnson Controls in London, then in Brussels as an Internet Business consultant with WSI before moving to Melbourne, Australia last year.

Whether teaching a class, working with a client, or leading a discussion group, I always focus on giving people practical, useful information that they can use in their own Internet-based projects and businesses.


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